Polo G: The Rising Star and Advocate for Social Justice

Rapper and Singer – Polo G

Born Taurus Tremani Bartlett, Polo G first released a song on the internet in 2017. His debut single, “Finer Things,” gained immense popularity online.

Polo G has collaborated with many prominent artists, including Lil Tjay and Juice Wrld. He is also a vocal advocate for social justice, frequently speaking out against injustice and police brutality.


Taurus Tremani Bartlett, known professionally as Polo G, is an American rapper and singer who has gained popularity in the music industry for his vulnerable and truthful storytelling. He was born on January 6, 1999, and grew up in Chicago. He was admitted in Lincoln University but decided to give up his studies and focus on his rap career instead.

His unique style and vivid stories have won him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. His music also addresses social issues, such as racism and police brutality, which he feels strongly about.

Originally known for his “Chicago drill” sound, Polo G has since moved away from that genre and developed more melodic lyrics. He credits his hometown of Chicago for his success, and often mentions the struggles its residents face in his music. His major influences include American rappers Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur, as well as Chicago rappers Lil Durk and G Herbo.

Personal life

Polo G has made waves in the rap and hip-hop community with his unique sound and socially conscious lyrics. He has collaborated with many prominent artists and continues to grow as an artist. His songs have been streamed millions of times, and he is an inspiration for young people.

His story of overcoming a difficult childhood is inspiring to many, and his music has been an outlet for those suffering from similar circumstances. He has spoken out against police brutality and other injustices, and his success has served as a source of hope for those in need.

Taurus Bartlett, better known by his stage name Polo G, was born in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Wendell Phillips Academy High School and was accepted to Lincoln University to study broadcasting, but dropped out to pursue his passion for rapping. He now lives in a home in Chicago and has an impressive collection of cars. He also owns a business in Los Angeles.


Polo G was born and raised in Chicago, where the Hip Hop scene is vibrant and diverse. He cites rappers like Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur as his inspiration, but he also admires the work of other local artists, such as G Herbo and NLE Choppa. He grew up listening to their drill style music and decided to pursue a career in the same genre after high school.

He started his music career by uploading his first song, ODA, to YouTube in 2017. In 2018, he created a SoundCloud account and released a track named Gang With Me. It gained huge success and got him noticed.

He has collaborated with many famous artists such as Lil Durk, Lil Tjay and Juice Wrld. He has an incredible talent for writing songs, and his tracks have achieved massive popularity on streaming platforms. His hard-work has paid off, and he is a true inspiration for young people. In addition to his musical success, he is a vocal advocate for social justice and regularly speaks out against police brutality.

Social justice advocacy

Polo G’s unique sound and socially conscious lyrics have earned him a place in the hip-hop community. He has collaborated with some of the most talented artists in the industry, and his music is a source of inspiration for young people.

He has also been vocal about social justice issues, such as police brutality and poverty. He has openly shared about his difficult upbringing in Chicago, which is reflected in the themes of his music.

Although he has only been in the music industry for a few years, he is already a rising star. He has gained popularity through his powerful songs, and his social media presence is a testament to his talent and dedication. He uses cartoon images to motivate his fans and inspire them to follow their dreams. He has a loyal following and is an example of how hard work pays off. In addition to his music, he has worked on several philanthropic projects.

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