Trusted and Engaging Educational Websites for Kids.

Top 3 Educational Websites For Kids

Educational websites need to convey a message that is both trustworthy and engaging. The best way to do this is through creative web design and user-friendly navigation. This helps visitors easily comprehend the content and get answers to any questions they may have.

Ology offers science students with interactive games and lesson materials that cover a variety of subjects. The site also has a portal for teachers and parents.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is an interactive website that streams videos of well-known actors and actresses reading quality children’s books aloud 24 hours a day. This resource helps to improve literacy skills and encourages a love of reading in students.

Easily deliver your interactive courses to every device—with no tweaking required. Simple enough for new designers, yet robust enough for power users, Storyline 360 lets you create virtually any interaction you can imagine. Make your courses more accessible with Section 508 and WCAG support, tables, and custom tab orders.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

First published in 1792, The Old Farmer’s Almanac (and its competitors like Poor Richard’s) are the oldest almanacs still being printed. While it does have a reputation for predicting the weather using a long-range prediction system that supposedly uses persimmon seeds, pig spleens and wooly bear caterpillars, it also covers agriculture, health and politics.

The Dublin NH-based publication features recipes, curiosities, advice and quotes. It also explains when to fish, set crops and wean livestock as well as de-mystifies adages like “How mad is the wet hen?”.

Mission US

A lot of thought, research and testing went into the design and development of Mission US games and companion materials. The Educator’s Guide includes class activities and resources to help students make connections.

This interactive game takes kids back to 1770 Boston, where they talk with Loyalists and Patriots and witness a brawl that sparks the Revolution. Kids also take on the role of a Cheyenne tribesperson as they try to survive the pressures of U.S. western expansion.

Who HQ

The Who HQ series is approachable and educational without ever talking down to students. The series features a lot of interesting individuals that can fit into an array of different curriculums and lesson plans. The website also offers a range of free, single activity resources that can be used to help formalize learning and reinforce what students are reading.

Learn about Olympic gold medalist and snowboarding legend Chloe Kim. Explore WHO’s attractive remuneration package and other benefits for international professional and higher categories of staff, based on the United Nations common system of salaries.

PBS Kids

The PBS Kids website has games and videos that center on popular live-action and animated show characters. It is organized by show so that kids can search for their favorite character or video. The site also features educational activities that can be printed for offline use.

PBS Kids takes a whole-child approach to learning and offers media content that improves children’s early literacy, math and social-emotional skills. It is the most trusted media brand by parents and the network that they are most likely to use for school readiness.


Funbrain is a free edu-tainment website that offers interactive games for kids in the fields of math, reading and literacy. It boasts 65,000+ teachers registered and 35M+ visits per month.

The site also features a number of educational videos that teach children about various subjects. The grade levels of these videos are clearly displayed on their thumbnail previews.

This platform lets kids learn in an engaging environment and encourages them to work at their own pace. It also provides resources for teachers and parents that can help them reinforce learning outside the platform.

Cooking with Kids

Children love cooking and are eager to join mom or dad in the kitchen (with supervision, of course). Cooking helps children develop their fine motor skills as they chop, stir, and measure. It also encourages them to practice reading skills by reciting recipes and following directions.

Kids who help prepare meals are less picky eaters, according to research. Plus, meal preparation provides an opportunity to talk about nutrition and learn how whole foods can benefit their growing bodies.

Kids News

Children can learn about world news in a safe way by reading news articles written especially for them. These use big illustrative pictures to make stories more relatable and easy for kids to understand.

There are also positive news sources such as The Happy Newspaper, which foregrounds uplifting stories of remarkable people. This ‘constructive news’ approach to media reporting can encourage learners to be more optimistic and proactive in the face of challenges.

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