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DP Education – A Visual Guide to Concept-Driven Learning

DP students develop capacities for learning that are transferable across disciplines and cultures. They enrol and persist in higher rates of university study than non-DP students, and they report greater capacities for 21st century skills – including critical thinking, creativity and service.

The DP builds on the pedagogical approaches of the IB’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP). It also includes the Theory of Knowledge course, which helps students explore the problematic nature of knowledge.

DP Education Kids

DP Education is an innovative way to support concept-driven learning, and this visual guide helps teachers to understand the pedagogical framework. It highlights the key tenets of the programme, including the holistic learner profile and inquiry-based teaching.

Designed to develop cognitive and critical thinking skills, DP Education Kids is the latest in a series of initiatives by the Dhammika & Priscilla Perera Foundation. This new platform aims to provide free pre-school education to 264,000 children between the ages of two and seven, which is around 20% of the 1.32 million preschoolers in Sri Lanka.

The platform continuously provides selected preschools with video content in kids coding, maths, science, English, nursery rhymes, and arts and crafts. In addition, 1,000 preschools receive infrastructure development grants that include classroom tables and chairs, early development educational toys, washroom facilities, and boundary walls. The platform also worked intimately with driving neighborhood artists who gave 7 confined vivified characters and 3D enlivened recordings for nursery rhymes that reflect nearby societies and customs of Sri Lanka.

DP Education Coding School

DP Education offers students with a personalized learning journey. Whether they are young learners just starting their educational adventure, adults looking to upskill or delve into new knowledge areas, DP Education has the right pathway for every student.

With the country advancing towards a digital economy where comprehension of STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Arts, Maths) skills would be imperative, DP Education has commenced its first Coding School at Nenasarana Education Center in Katuwana, Nuwara Eliya. The facility is free of charge.

Within the next three years, a total of 331 coding schools and robotics campuses will be launched in all divisional secretariats, providing 165,000 students islandwide with an opportunity to learn computer programming and coding free of charge. Each centre will be equipped with more than seven thousand computers and educational robots. This initiative will help produce one million Sri Lankan coders, empowering them to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the digital economy.

DP Education Learning Platform

DP Education has already made a big difference in the lives of children in Sri Lanka. They have provided access to free education online by converting schools to digital classrooms. They have also trained teachers and students so they can navigate the new environment when the country returns to normal operations.

The platform enables school students to access the government Maths, Science and English curriculum from 3-13 at their own convenience for free. The initiative is currently being rolled out in rural schools. The aim is to expand this to the entire country in the near future.

DP Education also offers the opportunity for laboratory-based learning, which is not available in school classrooms. They have recorded lessons for the physics, chemistry and biology subjects. The aim is to increase the pass rate for Combined Mathematics and other Advanced Level subjects, which will lead to a greater influx of young people seeking higher education. The company also plans to expand the initiative into other countries, although it will require a fee for some segments.

DP Education Society

Initiated by Dhammika Perera, DP Education is an online learning platform that provides free video lessons on Maths, Science, and English. It enables school students to access government curricula from grades 3-13 and study at their own convenience. The lessons are delivered by highly-qualified teachers.

DP students develop excellent breadth and depth of knowledge that allows them to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically. They also display stronger capacities for 21st-century skills compared to their non-DP peers, according to a recent international study.

DP Education’s vision is to buttress and supplement the country’s education system with high-quality learning methodologies. This will result in the country attaining a desired pass rate for Advanced Level Combined Mathematics and other subject exams. It will also boost students’ interest in higher studies. The company also champions healthcare standards by providing hospital beds and patient care items to hospitals. In addition, it reaches out to expectant mothers via videos on YouTube.

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